Drug - that's power, performance, movement, type and charisma! He is Walter Farley's black stallion in white. Drug is the kind of stallion who would easily survive in wilderness, he is strong and a fighter who hates other stallions. But to humans he is gentle and easy to handle.

Drug, born in 1985 at Tersk Stud in Russia, is an absolute performance stallion; his father Prizrak (Kankan x Ptashka) was a succesful racehorse in Russia 2/14(3-2-3). He was not extremly typey, but had a very good conformation, a beautiful topline and a lot of expression which he passed on to his son. Another well known son of Prizrak is Drakon (out of Prikhot), also a succesfull racehorse and now a sire of racehorses in Germany. Prizrak was used many years in the warmblood breed in Russia, before he was exported to Belgium, where he died at age 23.

Drug's mother Karinka (Aswan x Karta) was a beautiful performance-mare 2/21(8-8-2) who proved herself as a broodmare with her children Drug, Karnaval (by Naftalin), Kosmonaut (by Naftalin), Vakansia (by Peleng), Kontrolnaja and Koldunia (by Naftalin) and the Tersk chiefsire Kingsize (by Gusar). Karinka is buried in Tersk, next to her father Aswan.

As you can see, Drug has "racing ability" in his genes, no wonder he had a fantastic racing career in Russia and in Europe 5/35(13-9-4)! His legs of steel survived the challenge of 5 years of racing on some of Russia's worst racetracks, one of them is called "the gravel-pit". Among his many wins are the Russian Derby, the Coupe d'Europe (France) and Al Nayan International (England).

In 1990 he was European Champion Stallion in halter and he was named European Racehorse of the year in 1990 and 1991!!! In 1993/94 he was chief sire at Tersk Stud and since his return to Europe he lives at the Kossack Stud, Holland, where he shares breeding dutys with his stablemates Gomel and Nikel.

Drug left the racetrack to his children and they are doing very well there, for example: Madiar (out of Martinika) Russian Derby Winner 1997, Buryn (out of Branika) winner in Qatar, Nadym (out of Nigira), Navodchik (out of Nutria) 3. in the 1997 Russian Derby and Perederjka (out of Pobeda) winner in Holland. Drug's offspring inherited his perfect conformation, his tenacity and performance motivation as well as a good character and excellent movement! Drug is not a sire of extraordinary "typey heads", but from matings with very typey mares, the resulting foals are very "showy", for example: Morjak (out of Mexikanka), National Junior Champion in England, Abhat (out of Abhaziia), Perederjka (out of Pobeda), Padichach (out of Purga) and in Tersk the extraordinary filly Madera (out of Martinika).

Drug is a wonderful horse, and everywhere he shows off his magnificent silvery white self, he is the crowds favourit!