Since more then 30 years experience with horses, 
a small review

Peter Baumann, born in 1961 in Thierhaupten, Bavaria, is involveld with horse at age of 8.

The roots of loving horses are already based of the contact with the horses of his grandparents.

The most time of his childhood he did spend at the arabian studfarm Steiner stud close to his parents home.

EL KHAMIL, my first own arabian

To get as much knowledge about horses as possible, he visited seminars in every kind of  riding, training and keeping horses. He was one of the first people in germany who had seminars with Linda Tellington Jones. At the state stud Marbach, in the south of germany he got riding and carriage driving lessons.

The first competing in halter shows are in 1979 in Aachen with El Khamil  Linda Tellington Jones / Horsemanship Seminar with ANCHOR HILL HALIM

After all this experiences in his youth he decieded to study this horsejob and went to the Marbach state stud in 1980.

Statestud director of the "Haupt- und Landgestüts Marbach",

Landoberstallmeister Dr. Cranz with stallion


The first year of his study he did spend at the barn for young stallions of the state stud where every year about 80 young stallions grow up.

During the next two years of study he learned everything about riding and driving a horse, and did get several awards.


Joking and working with horses thats his life.

The first own bred filly: Muskhele by Miss Lexa.
 After helping more then 250 mares to get their foals, it is still something special and a highlight of beeing with horses.

After six years of studing horses he got his master degree named Pferdewirtschaftsmeister

The state stud offered him at the age of 25 years to stay at stud for the rest of his life.

DLG Overall Champion MAISA DSCHADDAH - World Champion Mare Paris
SANDANA, MAISA, DSCHADDAH Now everything is perfect, driving five mare a the big event in Baden-Baden

His first time driving five horses together, his teacher Dieter Groß keeps watching him.

The next picture shows him at the stallion performance test, therefore he trained the stallion Sherif Pasha, who did win the test.

Winner of the stallion performance test the stallion Sherif Pasha.

Hannoveraner Stallion PIK FEIN 

SEMRI  among Rainer Strobel & SIRHAN among Peter Baumann

 Impressions from Marbach Stallion Parade

Now he is able to teach people how to drive a carriage.

From 1986 on he got the responsebility task at the state state to take care of the mare and breeding stallion barn, and he teached  young people how to take care of horses.

In 1990 he decieded to say good bye to the state stud, and went to Donaueschingen to the barn of Prince and Princess Fürstenberg to be the stud manager and trainer.

View at the barn in Donaueschingen, the stalls are created by Peter Baumann

Here at Fürstenberg stud he was able to do everything to let grow up a succesful arabian breeding and training center. He bought the horses for Prince and Princess Fürstenberg, and trained them for national and international events in halter, endurance and flatracing. He is also a licenced trainer for race horses.


This succesful work did offer him contacts to breeder on the whole world, and he traveled around training , showing and judging horses in a lot of countrys.


A walk in the morning with the mare KIK Tandem carriage driving with the stallions FADJARO & VERSAL

 Multi-Champion Mare DOMBRA at the European Championchips in Holland

Five stallions at the Int. Schau Baden-Baden Race training with Derby winner SAVOI

DARC Racefuturity Classwinner and Overall Champion ANDY GIRL, self-breed mare


Darling M by Versal x Dombra from his own breeding, was grand champion race futurity cup Holland, hightly decorated halter show horse, German Cup winner, and succesful race horse( the most succesful three year old with seven starts, six wins and one second place.

Co-Trainer Sandspur Farm
Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, Arizona, USA
selfbred offspring on the way to the greenfields

Buildup Breeding- und Insemination Station

For the breeding center he selected  several performance tested stallions of russian and polish breeding program.

On of the first inseminating center for arabian horses started his work, and also warmblood stallions came to stay here and cover mares.

ANDRUT, from the polish breeding program was here for many years ( this picture shows him in the age of 28 years !)

Three stallions from the russian breeding program:


Five years after working for Prince and Pricess Fürstenberg he started to run the barn on his own risk, and still the same success.


Now he is doing less halter shows, and is concentrading his work the most time for endurance, with own horses and client horses.

FEI World Master Ride 120 km 2002
Wadi Rum, Jordan
2nd place 160 km Heidedistanz 2004

Best Condition Preis 120 km
CEI**  Schwaben Allgäu Express 2002

Private trainer for Princess Alia of Jordan for endurance horses, and competing in all arabian countrys.

Memorys from Jordan

Relaxing with his friend Haisam in the evening.

Meeting beduin children in the dessert of Wadi Rum.


*** Shows ***

For breeding shows horses of clients, as well as horses out of my own breed, trained and presented. This happend upon national- as soon as international level. I get countless class victories and champion titels up to World Championchips.

***  Racing ***

For the two year old horses the racing carreer starts already with the race futurity show in Holland, selecting and juding horses in the criterium of body,legs,walk and specially canter. Up to 90 horses were competing.

Competitor of the own breeding competing at race futurity shows and their success:

* Boomerang by Balaton a. d. Dombra - Classwinner & Champion from 54 participants
* Darling M
by  Versal a. d. Dombra - Classwinner & Res. Champion from 72 participants
* Mercedes
by  Medalist a. d. Mercuria - Classwinner & Res. Champion from 94 participants
* H.S. Andy Girl
by  Andrut a. d. H.S.Mogida - Classwinner & Champion from 72 participants
* Andy Son
by  Andrut a. d. Pepia - Classwinner & Champion
* Delfin ´s Princess
by  Delfin a. d. Barhatnaja Top Five
* Grenadier
by  Husar a. d. Bint Pustinia Top Five
* Baby Bee
by  Drug a. d. Barhatnaja Top Five
* H.S. Andy Boy
by  Andrut a. d. H.S. Mogida Top Five
* Elbanko
by  Abakan a. d. Elebrema Top Five
* Poznan
by  K.J. Andes a. d. Pepia Top Five

Training and watching the horses and jokeyes on his own.

 *** Seminares ***

He his giving people from the whole world the chance to take seminares about all kinds of interest in horse bussiness, including lessons in Horsemanship, feeding, training endurance, race and show horses, and showing his methotic of training and beeing with a horse.


*** Driving ***

He is able to drive horses is several kinds of driving, like 2,4,8 up to ten horses together, Random and Tandem. It is a big joy to feel how horses are able to work together.

Tandem with the breeding stallions FADJARO & VERSAL

Driving Photo

*** Fascination Endurance ***

His first endurance ride was in 1986 with his own stallion El Khamil.

Then he got the faczinating mare Miss Lexa, and was already in 1987 competing with her on of the most hard to please ride in Montuq France.
 Since this time he is mostly working with endurance horses from the own breeding and client horses. With such a big success in national and international endurance rides. In 2006 he is a part of the national german endurance team.


Miss Lexa, in her active time she was competing on 3500 km, always at the Top Ten and a lot of Best Condition Awards.

For more informations about his endurance horses, please look at team horses and news.