Negatiw x Andorra







Andantina  ( Negatiw x *Andorra )

*Andantina, imported as a 5-year-old in 1973 by Patterson Arabians. Her dam, *Andorra , is a Pietuszok daughter and has produced three regional winners. *Andantina is a full sister to *Andrut, also featured here. She sold for $250.000 in the 1983 Lasma  Sale V. Three of her 11 registered offspring are champion: regional top five stallion Anthem (by *Dar), 1986 Region IVTop Five  Gelding (at age 2) Adanti (by Bask Clasix) and junior halter Champion Animaszion (by Negatraz). One of *Andantina´s offspring has  been sold at auction - Andantazja (a full sister to Adanti), who brought $155.000 in the 1984 Lasma Yearling Sale.


*Andrut (Negatiw x  *Andorra)

*Andrut is a full brother of *Andantina and was used at stud in Poland in 1972-1977. He left 15 daughters there, eight of whom were exported and seven of whom were retained for Polish breeding. He was sold to Robbie Den Hartog of Holland, who imported him to America in 1982 at age 15. *Andrut has seven American-born registered foals, and 13 of his offspring have been imported. Six *Andrut daughters have been sold at auction.

*Cerata (x Cerkwica) sold for $40.000 at the 1982 Polish Prestige Sale and was resold for $85.000 in the 1983 Main Attraction Sale .

*Brusznica (ex *Busznica) sold for $12.000 in the 1980 Polish Prestige Sale and resold for $125.000 in the 1986 Main Attraction Sale. 

*Huta (x Haronia) sold for $64.000 in the 1984 Polish Prestige Sale and resold for $135.000 in the 1985 Kit Hall Sale.

His daughter *Andromada (x *Arenda) sold for $ 120.000 in the 1982 Polish Collection Sale. Another daughter, *Altea (x Amhara), sold for $ 60.000 in the 1984 Main Attraction Sale. *Andrut´s best-known daughter, *Elloracja (known as Eliminacja in Poland), is out of Ellora. She sold for $11.600 in the 1977 Polish Prestige Sale. She has produced two champions: halter champion Elloria and 1986 Canadian Top Ten English Pleasure JOTR Elloraza (both by Negatraz), *Elloracja´s daughter Ellitra (by Negatraz) sold for $72.000 in the 1985 Kit Hall Sale and her daughter Elloraza sold for $250.000 in the 1983 *Bask ++Classic Sale.