grey, *1954


The second branch of  Korej line was carried out through his son Kankan. Kankan was used at Tersk Stud from 1959 till 1971 and left several sons, but only Lak out of Laba left some traces . 

Two of his daughters were retained for Stud use. But the necessity of  >blood freshing<  in the breed and creation of line ar structure inside breed made us use the stallion
Prizrak (by Kankan out of Ptashka).
It was planned to use Prizrak limitedly, as he was of very high growth, that is not typical for the breed and had obviously expressed rough traits. In spite of this  Prizrak had right conformation, rather of deserted type and showed good performance in flat races.
The usage of Prizrak in planned limits appeared to be substantiated and positively influenced the development of the Korej line, and besides dressed the genetic potential. Prizrak left excellent race horse
Drug (out of Karinka) and Drakon (out of Prikhot).
Drug won the Bolshoi prize, was second in  S.M.Budenny prize, Bolshoi Summer prize and the Close of the Season, was third in Aswan  prize. Racing career of this stallion continues, he is tested on Piatygorsk Hippodrome. After this Drug will be used as a sire in arabian horse breeding. Drakon won anumber of traditional prizes. He was the first in Aswan prize, the Comparison and the Trial prizes for two year old stallions, the third
in the Autumn prize for stallion and two-year old mares. Drakon continues to race successfully and then he may be used at one of studs breeding half blood horses.

All the purposes in improvement of Korej line were achieved by selectioners in whole. Genofond is increased, two branches are improved. Such important characteristics of  horse belonging to this line, as right constitution and well developed legs are kept.
Horses got more nobility and dryness. Stallions are characterised by desirable type, high capacity for work, right conformation. They may be successfully used in breeding work.
The most horses of Korej line belong to koheilan-siglawi type, of the line.

His most successful sons are these two:   

born at Tersk Stud, Russia, 27. April 1970 


born at Tersk Stud, Russia, 01. April 1969

Kankan Ptashka Kankan Pamiatka


 Nagrada Priboj Taktika Korej Nagrada Arax Piramida