born at Tersk Stud Russia at 27 April 1970



Sire: Kankan by Korej Dam: Ptashka by Priboj 

After being raised at Tersk Stud and being racedat the Pyatigorsk Racetrack, Prizrak was sold within the former Soviet Union as many Tersk born stallions were in these days. He returned to Tersk Stud for one season and had some Purebred Arabian offspring in Latvia (Tervete Stud).

Prizrak was raced in 1972 and 1973  14 times (3-2-3), 1200 m : 1.24.4, 1400 m : 1.40.0, 1500 m: 1.44.3, 1600 m: 1.54.0.

He was used to  improve the quality of  sporthorse in Russia (Kalingrad Horse Stud). Offspring of him was sold at the yearly auction in Moscow, which exellent qualities caught the attention of Mr Sascha Ponomarev deputy director of Tersk Stud. After inspecting the stallion Mr Ponomarev leased Prizrak in exchange for another Tersk Bred stallion, for the 1984 breeding season.

Returning to Tersk Stud he in fact re-eastablished the male K-line

The 'K'-lineis known for overall quality, speed and bone descending from the orignal French import Denouste through Korej. A line(a.most)
lost at Tersk. The only other male descendant being the Korej grandson Kumir.

Prizrak also is the most important son of the famous Tersk broodmare PTASHKA.

Amongst Ptashka's offspring are : Pustina (by Salon) dam of Panagia, Pudra and Pula; Palmira (by Salon) dam of Poznan, Prichina and Peleng;
Pallada (by Salon), Pesnia (by Aswan) dam of Pesniar, Pesnianka, Pesennik and Pessennaia.

Prizrak brought 14 products at Tersk Stud : 10 colts and 4 fillies.

6 of his sons were exported:

Drug out of Karinka by Aswan (exp.Holland ,now Dudai), DRAKON (exp. Germany), Dantist (Setun) exp. England, Dagestan(Mastika by Aswan)
exp. Holland/Italy, Delfin (Nasturcia by Aswan) exp. Holland, Dombai (Mazurka by Aswan) exp. Holland/France.

Prizrak moved to Latvia (Tervete Stud) where he was used for breeding purebred arabians in 1985 - 1996. There he was also used for breeding modern sporthorses.

In Latvia Prizrak had a limited numberof purebred mare. All of Prizrak's Latvian offspring begin with the letter 'P', like PEPIA ,  Pepsi and Piezime, all three are in Germany.

Several attempts were made to buy Prizrak for use in Western Europe.

In the winter 1996 Prizrak was exchanged with the Vilnius Horse Stud in Lithuania where Mr Loek Post of the Netherlands and Mrs Christine Jamar of Belgium bought him. After covering some mares in Vilnius, Prizrak was tranported to Belgium where he prematurely died before covering any mare at age 27.